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[{"title:":"Q&A: Margaret Atwood on Writing Her New Graphic Novel, 'Angel Catbird'","description:":"Angel Catbird is something of a throwback to the early days ... I had helped her on a Kickstarter in which she was raising money to republish some black and white comics from Canada in the ‘40s—this guy called Brok Windsor, who has entirely disappeared."},{"title:":"WATCH: Cass McCombs Releases New Video For “Opposite House” Featuring Angel Olsen","description:":"The new track features the backing vocals from Angel Olsen, who also appears in the video, but not as the star. Directed by Jonny Look, the video opens up to a very 80’s themed set, the screen is black and white, the characters are wearing fashion from ..."},{"title:":"With 'Queen Sugar,' Ava DuVernay Offers a Complex Examination of Black Masculinity","description:":"Ralph Angel and Davis are but two examples, but the show has more to say about various modes of black masculinity. Queen Sugar has the potential to do with black masculinity what Mad Men did with white masculinity: explore every crook and crevice ..."},{"title:":"Top 10 Dark Angel Anime [Best Recommendations]","description:":"Dark angels can come in many forms. Sometimes, they do indeed have black wings, dark hair, and dark clothing. Sometimes though it is their intentions or character that is dark - maybe they are killers, or merciless warriors, despite having pure white wings."}]